The Riders Life is a brand new TV show that covers the grassroots racing and lifestyle in the Australian BMX and MTB scene.

Season 1 kicked off with the first episode airing on Thursday 18th May at 9pm on C31.

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The Riders Life brings you the most up to date and comprehensive look at BMX and mountain bike racing in and around Victoria. (with plans to do interstate in the future) 

The Riders Life is a “grass roots” based style program emphasising on the young junior type riders more so with only highlights of pro riders. Other content the show brings into the lime light for viewer are the amount of products (both race BMX and MTB as well as casual riders use) that are available on the Australian market. 

We also showcase the amount of non-racing bike events and show and shines that happen around the state where the true enthusiasts show the history of BMX and MTB. There is also a massive resurgence, especially in Melbourne, on the freestyle scene with some of the best riders here in our own neighbourhood. 

And of coarse, we highlight all that is going on in the park, street and dirt events being held around the state for both BMX and MTB. 

This show brings forth all that is “The Riders Life”